Concrete and Pearls

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How great is this blazer? It’s a fall piece from the Balmain x H&M collection and it has to be one of my favorite pieces…Ever. The beading is just so beautiful and I love how it was combined with such a masculine cut. Needless to say, I only paired it with tights and over the knee boots. (Diba) There’s something about a piece of clothing with such gumption. There’s little you need to add, because it speaks for itself.

Happy Monday, folks. Here’s to a brand new week!

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Visited Memphis this past weekend and it was…awesome. Needless to say, I woke up Sunday really not wanting to come back to Georgia. I saw one of my closest friends from college and we did all things Memphis. We visited Graceland, ate BBQ, had a late night on Beale, brunched and tasted beer from a local brewery. Weekends away are my favorite. They are mini adventures that really help break up the monotony of the day to day grind. Already planning my next visit! So excited. 🙂

Hope you all are doing well! Can’t wait to share the next set of threads that I got to style.

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Photos are from my Instagram. Come by and say hi! My username is ordinarylisa.

Rock your face off!

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SO happy to debut my absolute favorite graphic tee. I’ve committed to keeping this Mamie Ruth tee until it literally disintegrates. (Now that’s commitment!) It says “Rock your face off,” which is fitting because I got it last spring at one of my favorite music festivals. This outfit is pretty uniform for chilly afternoon’s in the city. I love the combination of ripped denim (Madewell), distressed tee’s, layered leather (Zara) and vintage kicks (Vintage J Crew). Despite the cold, we’ve been lucky enough to have it paired with some sunshine. Sunnie’s are from Urban Outfitters. I’ve had them for about a year now and they’re still my go-to pair.

I hope you all are doing well! Can you believe it’s February already? I’m in shock at how fast time is flying. I’ve got a couple of trips coming up, so maybe that’s why. Can’t wait to share!

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Are you ready?

I must say that back when I graduated from college I became quite the scared-y cat. I like to think that I’m not now, but who are we kidding? I still get scared. Once I graduated (circa 2012!) I was kind of lost. I knew what I wanted to do, but had experience in some fields except the field I wanted to go into. And this sense of unpreparedness caused a vast amount of uncertainty. From then on, I tried to always be prepared/equipped for any situation or opportunity; to not go out on a limb until I was ready. So with every opportunity I found myself asking “Am I ready?” or “Am I good enough?” Most times, I told myself I wasn’t.

This led to many questions:
When are we officially ready? How many times can we use this excuse? When are we ready to apply for that dream job? When are we ready to get back out there and start dating again? When are we ready to reconnect with old friends and family? When are we ready to apologize?

The truth? Who knows. But my guess is that if “I’m not ready” has been your excuse for the past 10 times you’ve thought about an opportunity, you’re probably ready. We can not let this idea of not being ready cripple us. We can not let fear and rejection be the reason why we don’t take on challenging new experiences.

And if you need a little inspiration, try thinking of life 2000 years from now. Will people remember that time you went on a horrible date? Or that time you took up acting? Probably not. This might scare you, but to me that’s freedom. No one will know about us or our failures, so why are we so afraid?

The pictures above are from a trip to LA that I made with one of my best friends last year. Aside from getting to adventure around with my bestie, this was a time when I decided to take a chance on someone; to go out on a limb for something that I knew could devastate me. I went into it with a new way of thinking. I told myself I was ready. I was ready, because I wholeheartedly believed that this person/decision would not define me or make me whole. Whatever happened, I would be completely fine.

So what was the result of it all? Nothing. No surprises, no change. It was actually kind of like deja vu. I went out on a limb and guess what? I didn’t break. Giving people second chances, to some, can seem like a waste of time, but not for me. Now I can confidently live knowing whether or not a certain person was meant to be in my life; never having to ask “What if?” And that reassurance is pretty awesome. 

I encourage you to go! Apply for that job! Take a chance! Buy a one way ticket! Take that cutie out on a date! And no matter what happens…remember you’re whole, you’re worthy and even the toughest of times don’t define you. What are we waiting for?

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Oh, Mother

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Don’t freak out! I know it’s been a while. You might not even recognize me, but I promise it’s me. I’m SO stinkin’ pumped about this style post. I may or may not have become obsessed with denim flares…and Mother Denim makes some of the best. They’re long and lean (I always have to wear heels) and don’t lose their shape. For a chilly afternoon outing I’ve paired them with a delicate patterned top (H&M) and a reliable jean jacket (American Eagle). Who says you can’t wear denim on denim? If anything, I totally encourage it. I typically just make sure the two denim pieces aren’t too matchy-matchy. Provide some contrast and you’ll be set!

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Who are you?

Now before you let the title of this post intimidate you, give me a second. This question has been the theme of my life lately. Friends, conferences, services, situations; they all beg me to ask this question. Who are you? Who am I? What is life? If you’re like me you first think, Well, I’m [insert your name here]. Easy! Now let’s move on.

But something happened a little while ago. I got a compliment.

One of my closest friends told me this: “You have a way of making everyone feel accepted.” (Shout out to my main girl, Sammy!) Now, I am in no way trying to toot my own horn here, but I do want to emphasize how it made me feel. I immediately was kind of shocked and thought, Wow, really? 

Well more like: Wow, really? I do? Woah. I make people feel accepted? And then I cried a little.

I was surprised/shocked by this compliment. But why?

This is where that question shouted at me: Who am I? Well, yeah. I’m Lisa. I’m a designer. I live in Atlanta. OK, but who am I?

And then I realized I am not my job. I am not who my friends are. I am not the city I live in. I am me. I am how I love you, how I love myself and the overall foundation that I choose to live my life. And I should never be surprised when one of my closest friends reminds me of who I am. Never.

We should never allow the loudness of our days, the highlight reels we see on our Facebook’s or Instagram’s, the media and the unruly expectations make us lose sight of who we are. You are uniquely you, one of a kind.

My hope for us is that we love ourselves fiercely enough to purposely embrace who we ARE and not just settle for what society has labeled us to be.

Always do you, boo boo.

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Annapolis, dear

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I recently got to RV up to Annapolis, Maryland to see my brother at the Naval Academy. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was completely blown away with our experience there. I love historic towns with their effortless charm and unique environments. It was also interesting to see Mids in their whites fill up the downtown area over the weekend. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced! I can’t wait to head back and visit this little nugget again. Maybe next time I’ll just stay! 😉


Hello, It’s Me


Hellooo, It’s me!
Have any of you heard Adele’s new single? Gosh, I have been listening to that jam on repeat more than I like to admit. It’s such a good one and she is just so beautiful.

Well, you’re probably wondering where in the world I have been. The last time I posted was back in June. Let me just say that I have been all around town and back around. It’s been such a crazy season. (Yeah, yeah! That’s always my excuse!)

First, you guys missed me being blonde. It totally happened, but I was so busy with work that I didn’t get any good shots of the transition. Here are some snapshots.


Second, I got a totally awesome internship this past summer.

Third, I graduate in just a hand full of weeks.

Whew! Who would of thought? I can already imagine the mixture of crying/laughing/jumping/running that will be happening come graduation day. This may seem a little over the top (Who are we kidding? I’m over the top!), but you guys it’s been a long time coming. I can hardly remember starting at SCAD. (The beginning)

I look forward to having more time. More time for this blog, for my people, for some epic traveling, and to settle down. Yes, I said it…settle down. It’s funny how dreams change, huh?

Stay tuned this week. I’ve got some stuff to share!
I’ve missed you guys!


Bodysuit Part II

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As some of you know, I recently collaborated with Tobi. One of the pieces they let me style is this awesome bodysuit. Because I love it oh so much, I decided to style it two ways. You can find the first style here! I decided to take a more casual route and just paired the suit with distressed high waisted jeans and some leathers boots. Simple, easy and to the point. Perfect for a casual date night or happy hour!


Photos by Farrah Brianna. Make sure to like her page on Facebook!