Be the worst

519A3893I’ve come to the realization that to become the greatest, an expert or extremely skilled at something it sometimes takes being the worst to be the best.

You have to be willing to be a complete newb. You have to be willing to fail a hundred times, a thousand times. Whether it’s running, eating healthy, learning a new instrument or starting a new job….if you want to be great, it will take some time and it will take a good bit of failure. And what you do with the failure, the mishaps and the hiccups will determine the outcome of your success.

In my lowest of lows and the times when I’ve felt like I wasn’t good enough (which has happened a couple of times the last couple of weeks)…these two paragraphs replayed in my mind.

These words carry a lot of truth for me and they lead me to one thought: Don’t you dare quit.
Don’t cheat yourself. Whether your journey has only been two weeks or two years, the time you’ve invested in becoming a better version of you should never be wasted or overlooked. The grind of it all will be worth it and before you know it all of the hard stuff you’re currently going through will be a thing of the past. It all just takes time. So do yourself a favor, if you find yourself in the trenches feeling like you just can’t go on; keep going. And if you’re going to fail…fail hard. You can do this.

your girl

Are you ready?

I must say that back when I graduated from college I became quite the scared-y cat. I like to think that I’m not now, but who are we kidding? I still get scared. Once I graduated (circa 2012!) I was kind of lost. I knew what I wanted to do, but had experience in some fields except the field I wanted to go into. And this sense of unpreparedness caused a vast amount of uncertainty. From then on, I tried to always be prepared/equipped for any situation or opportunity; to not go out on a limb until I was ready. So with every opportunity I found myself asking “Am I ready?” or “Am I good enough?” Most times, I told myself I wasn’t.

This led to many questions:
When are we officially ready? How many times can we use this excuse? When are we ready to apply for that dream job? When are we ready to get back out there and start dating again? When are we ready to reconnect with old friends and family? When are we ready to apologize?

The truth? Who knows. But my guess is that if “I’m not ready” has been your excuse for the past 10 times you’ve thought about an opportunity, you’re probably ready. We can not let this idea of not being ready cripple us. We can not let fear and rejection be the reason why we don’t take on challenging new experiences.

And if you need a little inspiration, try thinking of life 2000 years from now. Will people remember that time you went on a horrible date? Or that time you took up acting? Probably not. This might scare you, but to me that’s freedom. No one will know about us or our failures, so why are we so afraid?

The pictures above are from a trip to LA that I made with one of my best friends last year. Aside from getting to adventure around with my bestie, this was a time when I decided to take a chance on someone; to go out on a limb for something that I knew could devastate me. I went into it with a new way of thinking. I told myself I was ready. I was ready, because I wholeheartedly believed that this person/decision would not define me or make me whole. Whatever happened, I would be completely fine.

So what was the result of it all? Nothing. No surprises, no change. It was actually kind of like deja vu. I went out on a limb and guess what? I didn’t break. Giving people second chances, to some, can seem like a waste of time, but not for me. Now I can confidently live knowing whether or not a certain person was meant to be in my life; never having to ask “What if?” And that reassurance is pretty awesome. 

I encourage you to go! Apply for that job! Take a chance! Buy a one way ticket! Take that cutie out on a date! And no matter what happens…remember you’re whole, you’re worthy and even the toughest of times don’t define you. What are we waiting for?

your girl

Who are you?

Now before you let the title of this post intimidate you, give me a second. This question has been the theme of my life lately. Friends, conferences, services, situations; they all beg me to ask this question. Who are you? Who am I? What is life? If you’re like me you first think, Well, I’m [insert your name here]. Easy! Now let’s move on.

But something happened a little while ago. I got a compliment.

One of my closest friends told me this: “You have a way of making everyone feel accepted.” (Shout out to my main girl, Sammy!) Now, I am in no way trying to toot my own horn here, but I do want to emphasize how it made me feel. I immediately was kind of shocked and thought, Wow, really? 

Well more like: Wow, really? I do? Woah. I make people feel accepted? And then I cried a little.

I was surprised/shocked by this compliment. But why?

This is where that question shouted at me: Who am I? Well, yeah. I’m Lisa. I’m a designer. I live in Atlanta. OK, but who am I?

And then I realized I am not my job. I am not who my friends are. I am not the city I live in. I am me. I am how I love you, how I love myself and the overall foundation that I choose to live my life. And I should never be surprised when one of my closest friends reminds me of who I am. Never.

We should never allow the loudness of our days, the highlight reels we see on our Facebook’s or Instagram’s, the media and the unruly expectations make us lose sight of who we are. You are uniquely you, one of a kind.

My hope for us is that we love ourselves fiercely enough to purposely embrace who we ARE and not just settle for what society has labeled us to be.

Always do you, boo boo.

your girl 

Hello, It’s Me


Hellooo, It’s me!
Have any of you heard Adele’s new single? Gosh, I have been listening to that jam on repeat more than I like to admit. It’s such a good one and she is just so beautiful.

Well, you’re probably wondering where in the world I have been. The last time I posted was back in June. Let me just say that I have been all around town and back around. It’s been such a crazy season. (Yeah, yeah! That’s always my excuse!)

First, you guys missed me being blonde. It totally happened, but I was so busy with work that I didn’t get any good shots of the transition. Here are some snapshots.


Second, I got a totally awesome internship this past summer.

Third, I graduate in just a hand full of weeks.

Whew! Who would of thought? I can already imagine the mixture of crying/laughing/jumping/running that will be happening come graduation day. This may seem a little over the top (Who are we kidding? I’m over the top!), but you guys it’s been a long time coming. I can hardly remember starting at SCAD. (The beginning)

I look forward to having more time. More time for this blog, for my people, for some epic traveling, and to settle down. Yes, I said it…settle down. It’s funny how dreams change, huh?

Stay tuned this week. I’ve got some stuff to share!
I’ve missed you guys!


twenty four


I celebrated my 24th birthday this past week and it was awesome. Since my birthday fell on a work day this year, I celebrated with a family dinner. I then celebrated again this weekend with friends from out of town and more of my family. One of my birthday wishes was to reconnect with old friends, so I’ll be celebrating all month long and meeting up with as many folks as I can.

Every new year inspires new goals,
so here are 24 things I would like to accomplish this year .

1. Be courageous. To be courageous enough to speak out for what’s right and what I want, and to be brave enough to let go of things that don’t make me a better person.

2. Continue to focus on myself.

3. Grow my career.

4. To not compare my journey with others.

5. Move.

6. Travel abroad.

7. Go backpacking for a week (At least!)

8. Drive through Montana.

9. Be realistic when it comes to matters of the heart.

10. Take a good look at those who have loved, supported, and encouraged me the most….and spoil them.

11. Talk to more strangers.

12. Experiment with my hair/clothing.

13. Rebuild my relationship with my dad.

14. Lift people up…constantly encouraging them.

15. Trust more.

16. Make a constant effort to include yoga, dance, and printmaking into my life.

17. Give more flowers.

18. Constantly remind Alissah of how freakin’ proud I am to call her my sister.

19. To always ask for the things that I want.

20. Go home more.

21. Learn how to cook the staple Vietnamese and Mexican meals my parents made me growing up.

22. To not be afraid to fail.

23. Join a public speaking club.

24. Cook a homemade meal for someone I love.

Shaky Knees Recap

IMG_2967IMG_2968IMG_2966I got to go to the Shaky Knees festival here in Atlanta a couple of weekends ago and it was A BLAST. I got to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. We jammed out to the Kooks, James Blake, Zella Day, The Avett Brothers, Wilco and so many other bands. My favorite part? The company. My friends are pretty awesome human beings and I’m a lucky gal.


I’m here


Hello all!
Wow, I can not believe how fast time has gone by. I just read over my last post and realized that it was posted back in February, and it is already May. It has been exactly three months since my last post and let me just tell you that it has been NUTS over here. I’ve been working like a mad woman (loving every minute of it) and continuing to go to school.

About the time of my last post I was gearing up to start a new Spring job; excited and eager. Spring is coming to a close and so are a lot of chapters in my life. I finish up both of my jobs next week and school is starting to wrap up. It’s insane. I remember being scared to death to start school again and feeling like the end was forever away; not knowing where this investment would take me.

So here I am, two years later; still scared, excited, and anxious. I’ve had permanent butterflies. This summer I get to embark on a new journey. One that I never thought I would have have the pleasure of experiencing. I will be diving into a field of work that I’ve been dying to get involved with and that is user experience design.

I don’t know what will come from this, but I am beyond words, and I am totally and utterly thankful. The saying is true. The one about the hardest of moments bringing the most delightful, sensational seconds of pure joy; seconds that completely make up for months of hard work, sweat and big baby tears.

This new season also brings an important birthday.
Twenty Four.
This number feels good. I expect this year to out do twenty three for sure. I expect it to be a hard, intense, growing year full of challenging experiences with many tough decisions. Oh, and maybe a little bit of fun, a little bit of laughter, and a lot a bit of love.

May twenty four be a year of bravery, a year of courage,
and a year of self healing and growing.
Here’s to the journey.


a good laugh


I’ve never heard a laugh that I didn’t like. There is something about a laugh that takes the edge off of any situation. As of lately I’ve been on a heck of a roller coaster. I’ve made plans, have had these plans fall through, been offered amazing opportunities, and have had other opportunities pass me by. This is pretty regular in my life, but it’s been even more of a whirlwind now than ever. All of this craziness leads me to believe that something so good is about to happen. When times get too messy or really overwhelming I literally force myself to laugh. You try it! When things get so awful or unbearable and you have no idea what to do…make yourself laugh. I promise it helps.




Christmas is next week and New Years is the following week. Where did the time go? I can’t even believe 2014 is coming to a close. I have to say that this year has been the most life changing year that I’ve had. I learned how to feel, how to let go, how to grow and how to love myself. It’s been such a beautiful experience. Dreams came true this year and I finally got to do things that I have always wanted to do. I got to travel, study, and take advantage of career opportunities that I never thought I’d have the pleasure of getting involved with.

I honestly believe that with pain comes light and love, and this next year will be a continuation of this life lesson. I’ve decided that 2015 will be a year of me! For the past couple of years I’ve dedicated my time and life for other people, putting myself second. This year I will push myself to the edge, challenging myself to be the best version of me. Life is too short and I don’t want to waste a single precious moment. So in 2015 I hope to travel, experience, and to love vigorously.

I hope you all are happy and merry, excited for the holidays. I hope you all are filled with joy and surrounded by an endless amount of love.

Cheers, Lisa