The after effect 

After I take a trip or go abroad I feel like I come back a different person. Aside from the potential jet lag, it’s kind of a whirlwind getting back into the “normalcy” of life. This was definitely the case when returning from Japan. 

There was something about the hustle; the masses of people all traveling to different places…the energy, the lights, the constant activity. I loved being amidst it all and being able to observe the many unique clothing styles and beautiful faces. When I came home I felt like I was living in slow motion and I immediately missed the streets of Japan. I missed the constant inspiration, the food, the noises, and most importantly the people. (Shout out to my pals who adventured with me!) 

Japanese people are nothing like I’ve ever experienced. They are so kind, hard working, hospitable, respectful and just plain delightful. Coming home reminded me of a time I went to Spain in high school. I remember crying silently on the flight back, because I had wanted so badly to never leave Spain. I had a similar feeling when I flew back from Japan. It’s a crazy thing to travel and feel so welcome in a foreign place that for a moment it feels like home; so much like home that you just can’t stand leaving. 

Breaks my heart every time. I’ll be back though…one day. Maybe even for good. 😉 

Your girl

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