So guys! I did a pretty big thing. I hopped on a plane and headed north over the top of the world. The destination? Tokyo! 

I went into this trip without any sort of expectations! I had no itinary or plan. I just went, met up with some awesome friends and got the best snapshot of what life is like in Japan. It was so good, y’all. SO good that I considered missing my flight home. 

These photos were taken in Shinjuku. We stayed here about half of our trip. It was energetic, charming, so clean and unique. I was even surprised to feel like I was in Europe in some areas of the city. 

We stayed in two AirBnb’s while in Shinjuku and we were so happy with our experiences. The two spots were these quaint little apartments. We felt at home, like we were locals or something. 😉

Can’t wait to share more from my visit! 

your girl

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