Savannah Stay

One reason why I love Airbnb is because it allows me to find a home to travel to. When I travel, I can stay somewhere that makes me feel a part of something rather than just a visitor. Airbnb allows me to create a unique experience.

Savannah is one of my favorite towns and back in my college days we were lucky enough to only be 45 minutes away. I got to visit recently for work and I ended up making it into a weekend getaway. I stayed in a historic home with lots of great lighting, creaky floors, heavy doors and incredible decor inspired by history and travel. That pin map took up an entire wall in the dining room. It was incredible.

I really hope that when you travel, you can experience a new place feeling like a local instead of a tourist. Whether that’s staying in a local home or visiting low key restaurants and shops, it’ll completely change the way you get to know a new place.

So, where are we going to next? I’ll give you a hint……it’s the country music capital of the world.

your girl

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