Who are you?

Now before you let the title of this post intimidate you, give me a second. This question has been the theme of my life lately. Friends, conferences, services, situations; they all beg me to ask this question. Who are you? Who am I? What is life? If you’re like me you first think, Well, I’m [insert your name here]. Easy! Now let’s move on.

But something happened a little while ago. I got a compliment.

One of my closest friends told me this: “You have a way of making everyone feel accepted.” (Shout out to my main girl, Sammy!) Now, I am in no way trying to toot my own horn here, but I do want to emphasize how it made me feel. I immediately was kind of shocked and thought, Wow, really? 

Well more like: Wow, really? I do? Woah. I make people feel accepted? And then I cried a little.

I was surprised/shocked by this compliment. But why?

This is where that question shouted at me: Who am I? Well, yeah. I’m Lisa. I’m a designer. I live in Atlanta. OK, but who am I?

And then I realized I am not my job. I am not who my friends are. I am not the city I live in. I am me. I am how I love you, how I love myself and the overall foundation that I choose to live my life. And I should never be surprised when one of my closest friends reminds me of who I am. Never.

We should never allow the loudness of our days, the highlight reels we see on our Facebook’s or Instagram’s, the media and the unruly expectations make us lose sight of who we are. You are uniquely you, one of a kind.

My hope for us is that we love ourselves fiercely enough to purposely embrace who we ARE and not just settle for what society has labeled us to be.

Always do you, boo boo.

your girl 

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