I’m here


Hello all!
Wow, I can not believe how fast time has gone by. I just read over my last post and realized that it was posted back in February, and it is already May. It has been exactly three months since my last post and let me just tell you that it has been NUTS over here. I’ve been working like a mad woman (loving every minute of it) and continuing to go to school.

About the time of my last post I was gearing up to start a new Spring job; excited and eager. Spring is coming to a close and so are a lot of chapters in my life. I finish up both of my jobs next week and school is starting to wrap up. It’s insane. I remember being scared to death to start school again and feeling like the end was forever away; not knowing where this investment would take me.

So here I am, two years later; still scared, excited, and anxious. I’ve had permanent butterflies. This summer I get to embark on a new journey. One that I never thought I would have have the pleasure of experiencing. I will be diving into a field of work that I’ve been dying to get involved with and that is user experience design.

I don’t know what will come from this, but I am beyond words, and I am totally and utterly thankful. The saying is true. The one about the hardest of moments bringing the most delightful, sensational seconds of pure joy; seconds that completely make up for months of hard work, sweat and big baby tears.

This new season also brings an important birthday.
Twenty Four.
This number feels good. I expect this year to out do twenty three for sure. I expect it to be a hard, intense, growing year full of challenging experiences with many tough decisions. Oh, and maybe a little bit of fun, a little bit of laughter, and a lot a bit of love.

May twenty four be a year of bravery, a year of courage,
and a year of self healing and growing.
Here’s to the journey.


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