new found gumption



This year has already been a complete inspiration for me. Something about 2015 has me pushing the limits and living outside of my comfort zone. I have always been considered the “artsy” one of my friends, but even with that title I have always felt like I was holding back on my creativity. I’ve decided to have some courage this year; to apply it to every aspect of my life. Whether it be for my job, in my relationships, or even in my wardrobe. Life is too short to hide behind what’s comfortable.

So, for my first style post of the year I decided to share a look that expresses this notion of a new found gumption. I recently purchased this jacket from American Threads and I honestly feel like a rock star every time I wear it. Maybe it’s the playful fringe or the cool suede….either way it makes me pretty happy. To keep the jacket the main focus I paired it with basic skinnies, a charcoal grey crop, delicate jewels, and a casual beanie.

And what about this lip color? NARS, train bleu. Thank you lipstick Gods for creating such a cool lip color. It sure makes all of us ordinary girls feel pretty powerful.

I hope all of you have had the best first month and are sticking to your resolutions. 😉 I gave up french fries and I can happily say that I haven’t touched a fry this whole month. Baby steps, my friends.


photography by the brilliant, Farrah Brianna

3 thoughts on “new found gumption

  1. Lisa, you totally rock with this new style!!!
    I love how you’ve matched every piece together and I loooove your necklaces 🙂
    I can’t wait to see more outfits for this new year.
    Have a wonderful day and xoxo

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