Flash Back Friday

SO……I officially have the travel bug. I can’t sit still and I currently have about 12 tabs open consisting of travel inspiration. I’ve been so busy with a couple of projects and work that I haven’t been able to get away since I drove up to North Carolina. My travel journal has been destroyed with mindless wandering thoughts, dreams trips that I’ve planned out, and budgeting ideas.

All of it leads me to question….where in the world am I going next?

It all depends on my budget, the timing, and of any opportunities that may come my way. But while I continue to brainstorm I figured I’d reminisce on the incredible places I’ve had the chance to visit. Travel is a beautiful thing and I’m pretty happy about it being a passion of mine.

IMG_6667 IMG_6306 IMG_6202 IMG_6195 IMG_5305 IMG_5220 IMG_4714 IMG_0333(1) IMG_0261(1) IMG_4373 376702_369838379752837_613630733_n IMG_3774 7 IMG_9861 IMG_2848 486943_292203410849668_2087181347_n 486253_292220127514663_974354048_n 482905_292189417517734_1096145686_n 421645_292202574183085_1038838979_n 470959_414390015297673_1399116376_o 222126_414389108631097_1715120703_n 20130115-231334.jpg 20130115-230651.jpg 20130115-230200.jpg 20130115-225624.jpg 20130115-225252.jpg 20130115-225156.jpg img_7994 img_6936 207623_1005870863523_1127430071_30037084_5374_n img_2456 img_6225 168042_129080837161927_100001800344406_184386_6567057_n

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