What’s to come…


Oh, life.

This season has been a roller coaster of excitement, travel, beauty, opportunities, loss, and love. It has all been incredible. In the past year, before this explosion of inspiration, I had been playing it safe. I hid from opportunities, stuck with what I was comfortable with, and invested my entire life in a false dream. I hit rock bottom, lost loved ones, and for a bit there my faith was tested.
There is this special place where I go to think. It has a beautiful view of the Atlanta skyline and for some reason I never get tired of looking at it. One afternoon after a difficult day I found myself at my usual thinking spot. Everything that held me together was gone and I kept thinking to myself, “what now?” After a few moments of silence I heard the universe whisper, “anything you want.”
I’ve learned a lot from the past couple of years and I can’t wait to share and implement these lessons. Since change is the theme of my life currently, I have been really thinking about this blog and its purpose. When I started this blog it was mainly to share my life with complete strangers in hopes to inspire them to live their lives fully. This will continue to be the heart of this blog, but now I want to share more.
A professor recently taught me that keeping knowledge, inspiration, and life lessons to yourself is the most selfish thing that you could do. Anything that you share could potentially inspire someone and this idea excites me! So, from here on out I hope to not only share my travels and bouts of inspiration, but also topics on life, wellness, design, and style.

I am by no means an expert on these topics. I am just a person trying to make the most of this life. Why not share the experience?


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