A New Love



IMG_3548I have always been interested in yoga, but this year especially. 2014 was the year I decided to take it one step further and teach myself the basics. Little did I know that I would push myself beyond the basics. For most of my life I was terrified of anything dealing with gymnastics or tumbling. Handstands were completely out of the question up until now. Ever since I started practicing yoga the fear of being upside down and not trusting my body slowly slipped away. You see, yoga is much more than “stretching.” It is a process that allows you to slowly and fully trust yourself, your instincts, and your being. In nerve racking situations, on the mat or off the mat, I’ve noticed myself breathe deep and push on through the situation or pose instead of freaking out or quitting. It’s a beautiful thing that I’ve discovered and I can’t wait to unveil more lessons through my practice. I hope you all are doing well! I’ve missed sharing my life with you.


2 thoughts on “A New Love

  1. I missed you so much, Lisa!
    I’m so happy you’re 100% enjoying yoga! It’s helping me a lot with my weak back… no more pain pills!!! yayy I’m really far from headstands but one day my body will say it’s time for more elaborated asanas 🙂
    Have a wonderful summer
    Sending love and kisses

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