Another Year Down

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I turn 23 years old today. How this happened…I have no idea. All I know is that I’m thankful to have made it to today. Whenever a birthday creeps up on me I always think of the changes and hopes that I want to make for the new year.

Here are 23 things that I’m hoping for!

I hope…

…to be more kind
…to travel more
…to make time
…to plan some rockin’ dates
…to create great design
…to remember to take care of myself
…to breathe
…to inspire others
…to be more productive
…to meet new people
…to catch up with old friends
…to give myself more credit
…to be young
…to slow down
…to dance more
…to smile at strangers
…to live
…to laugh really hard
…to go to a lot of concerts
…to eat a lot of great food
…to give more
…to be more confident
…to capture all of the goodness that surrounds me

One thought on “Another Year Down

  1. Happy birthday, Lisa!!!
    What a great list of good resolutions.. you’re really optimistic and I hope to be a bit as you 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!!!

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