Where I’m Eating in 2014





IMG_1517If you have looked over some of my latest posts, you can tell that I love food. I enjoy a great restaurant that not only has delicious food, but an atmosphere that encourages their guests to create their own experience and life long memories. I was rummaging around the internet and found a restaurant recommendation by the Atlanta Magazine. The restaurant is called the Kimball House and it is known for its great selection of oysters and drinks; two things that I appreciate very much. After reading their review on the restaurant, I clicked over to Atlanta Magazine’s 50 best restaurants and knew I had to try as many of these places as I could. The list includes such a great variety of food and every restaurant is its own; each brings something completely different to the table. Kyle has agreed to accompany me to all of these great places, so we are going to try to visit as many of these places as we can until 2015. Wish us luck!


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