photo (10) photo (16)BonchilliusThe past couple of days consisted of catching up with family and friends and relaxing. For Thanksgiving my boyfriends momma, or my Bon, met my parents for the first time. We enjoyed a Vietnamese Thanksgiving lunch at one of our favorite Pho restaurants and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. I loved this lunch, because nobody was stressed about cooking or cleaning…it was just us, food and great laughs. I’ll never forget this day! On top of having our parents meet for the first time, we celebrated a friends 23rd birthday, spoke to 85 year old’s about life, lent $10 to a young distressed couple for gas, caught up with Kyle’s family friends back at his hometown, I had my first chili dog and we lounged around in our sweats. This had to have been the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to relax some. Next up, Christmas!


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