The Profile

Hello, my friends.
The next couple of pages are the reason for my absence! We have been up and down and all around trying to get this magazine together…and voila! Me and the team couldn’t be more excited and proud. Hard work pays off….it truly does.


When I accepted the offer to work for The Profile, I was hired as an intern. To my surprise, I was promoted to Creative Director and then ended up designing the magazine as well. I go to school for graphic design, so this opportunity was a dream come true while I studied. I have yet to take a design class and I may or may not have just learned how to open a document in InDesign about 2 months ago…..I’ve come a long way and even though I’ve probably broken every single design rule there is, I’m still proud of what we created.
NovDecCover16 NovDecCover17

One of my favorite categories in the magazine is the Style category.
I got to do what I love most..and that’s styling clothes and designing layouts.

NovDecCover20 NovDecCover21

Here’s another favorite category from the Nov/Dec issue. I got my
hands dirty in PhotoShop…and it’s safe to say that I’ve gotten past wanting
to kill myself from trying to navigate my way around that program.
Baby steps, I guess! haha

NovDecCover35Lastly, The Feature.
This article was such an eye opening experience for me. I was able to capture the essence
of Franklin Road in Marietta, Georgia and share the desperate situation it is in through design,
while my team expressed its current condition through words.

If any of you are interested in the design of the magazine, a good read, fashion
advice or advice in general, you all should check out the issue.

The Profile Magazine Nov/Dec Issue

Glad to be back here on WordPress! Talk to you all soon.


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