Save me, San Francisco

Save me, San Francisco
For June and July I’ve been preparing myself for what fall is bringing! Out of the many adventures I have planned for myself and friends, the first one is a trip to San Francisco. I’ve been to parts like LA, Anaheim, Laguna Beach and Santa Barbara, but never to any of the northern parts of California. We will be wandering through the city and taking part in the Outside Lands Music Festival. I’m intrigued and SO excited for what’s to come; dreams and bucket lists are being fulfilled! Many believe I’ll stay in San Fran and never return, but I don’t think I could do that with all of the exciting stuff happening in August and September. Besides my trip to San Francisco, my best friend from high school is getting married (We’re getting so old!) and I get to be a part of some of the best music festivals coming to the South East; what blessings!! Life is getting full in the next few months and I’m certain it’s just what the doctor ordered. I hope you all are having a great week so far! I’m looking forward to my day off for the 4th of July! Happy 4th to you all! Let’s celebrate.

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