Birthday Celebration


For my birthday, my best friend planned a whole day of surprises for me. I had no idea what to expect, but she’s cheesy like me, so I knew the day would be one I’d never forget.

The first surprise consisted of shooting zombies with really large guns….I think I got him pretty good!

I was pretty nervous about the next surprise, because Lauren warned me with a “Now, I will completely understand if you are too afraid to do the next surprise…”

A plane ride over Atlanta….?!?! I was over the moon.




My third surprise was such a good idea…..a lake day. Honestly, when we weren’t doing stuff I was sleeping while she was driving. We tubed out on the lake and then ended up just laying on the front of the boat! We were both exhausted!



Lastly, SURPRISE!!!
A surprise dinner with some of my closest friends. I nearly cried and about died seeing their faces as I took the blind fold off.
They pretty much made my life.







We then moved the party over to a family friends house where we watched a movie on the big screen.
Right before the showing of Django, we put on a show for the fam. My brotha has got some impressive strength!


And It doesn’t even stop there….I had a surprise gift waiting for me the next morning from my best friend who came up from Savannah.


I swear, these people are too good to me. I am forever grateful and thankful for all of the love that these people have shared with me. I’ll never forget it!

It’s a good day, friends.


You can watch the surprise vine video here! 
I might have almost cried. 

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