Add Sand

[big ticket music festival]IMG_9861



The obsession with festivals started last fall— there’s just something about live music and 10,000+ people sharing an experience together. For the year of 2013, I promised myself I’d go to as many festivals as I could afford. It’s officially festival season and my first festival is next month!! It’ll be all of what’s above plus sand and the beach. I can’t wait!!! It’ll be a great break from life and reunion with one of my all time best friends.

I read a book recently called Love Does by Bob Goff and I recommend it to all. It inspired me to continue to live fully, to say yes to every opportunity and to love everyone unconditionally. This book made me very happy, because it expresses the very basis of this blog– and that is to live fully, love a lot and to explore the world. I hope you all have been inspired to live a little by this ordinary blog.

Have a happy day, everyone.


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