Freeport, Bahamas was our very first stop on our Carnival Cruise. We only had half of the day to spend at this destination, so we figured we’d do something awesome to make the most of our time. We snorkeled in some pretty rough waters and while everyone was complaining, I was praying for God to make the waves even bigger. It was like your own natural roller coaster ride…except with a higher chance of drowning. With that being said, several people didn’t enjoy this “natural roller coaster ride” and one person even got sick. While the waves were at their full force, our adventure was cut short. Even though the trip was cut short and we had to endure the boat ride back with some icy attitudes, we had a blast. I’m going back again FOR SURE. Here’s to living on the edge!

Love, L

2 thoughts on “Freeport

  1. Hi Lisa, how and where do you process your photos? Can you post a tutorial for that? or, do you post them raw? I love’em! thank you for being an everyday inspiration..

    Love, Che

    1. Hi Che! I’m so glad you like them! I post some photos unedited and those that are just go through the editing software that came with my computer. I try to keep it simple! Thanks for the support! Have a great day. 🙂

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