I will always make time for you.

Since recently graduating from college, I’ve moved again for what seems like the 20th time. With the new year well under way, I have been desperate for some organization. The three biggest spaces for organization are my closet, my work space and my time. I am working a lot from home and have yet to find a suitable desk. The one above can be found at Pottery Barn; it’s perfect for my petite stature, but has enough space for all of my stuff. The next thing that needs work is my closet. Thankfully, I have a pretty large one, but I really need to invest some time on cleaning out the things I don’t want and getting some new shelving. I feel like everyone should do this at least once every season. The closet inspiration above was found here. And lastly, the thing everyone has trouble managing….time. I think the witty planner above will definitely suffice. Let the cleaning and organizing begin!

2 thoughts on “I will always make time for you.

  1. I usually organize around the season changes too – good time to clean, declutter and get organized, especially when the closets start looking like a bomb went off in them – YIKES! Good Luck!

    1. YES..that is exactly what my closet looks like! I was trying to describe it to a friend of mine and had the hardest time describing the chaos, so thank you for that illustration– and the luck. I’m gonna need it!

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