Flip Burger



food brings me an abundance of happiness; fresh, bright and beautiful food can easily have me head over heels. (i get it from my dad!) there is one restaurant called flip burger that had me day dreaming about their banh mi burger today in class. it is a chicken burger inspired by the vietnamese banh mi sandwich; so delicious. just thinking about the lime glazed chicken and fresh veggies has me drooling. i’ll just have to imagine this protein bar being just as good…wish me luck!

happy weekend, lovely friends.

miss lisa

2 thoughts on “Flip Burger

  1. Hello Lisa,
    Where is this restaurant located? I live in California and I am close to a place called Flip’s Burgers. Let me know or if you can get the recipe for the Ban Hi burger.


    1. This restaurant is located in Atlanta, GA, but I’m pretty sure there are several all over the country. I don’t have the recipe, but if you click on the Flip Burger link in the post it’ll take you to the menu where the main ingredients are available. Have a good one!

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