A Good Cry

this past week was spent in my hometown with my greatest friends and family for thanksgiving break. i was so sad to have to come back to school after having a full week of perfection. fortunately enough, a drive that i had to make yesterday from savannah, georgia to college made up for my home sickness. on the way back to college i received several phone calls from my greatest friends; each phone call was exciting. on my first phone call i found out that will be leaving the country on an adventure for a whole week and the other phone calls just expressed so much love and care. after getting off of the phone with these beautiful people i found myself smiling so big with a heart so filled and before i knew it i was crying because of how overjoyed i was to have such positive influences in my life. i don’t think i have ever been so thankful or so blessed. today i continue to give thanks for the beautiful mess of a life i live with the most loving, supportive friends and family.

also, thanks to all of you readers for supporting me as a blogger.
i would have lost my drive forever ago if it wasn’t for all of you.

miss lisa


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