Luck at Jason Mraz





the weekend right before school started we went to a jason mraz concert that was being held at an outside venue. of course we bought the cheapest tickets located in the lawn area, but no complaints here because there are no bad seats at aaron’s amphitheater. it was a rainy saturday and we were a bit down on our lawn tickets seeing as there is no coverage over the lawn. but once we got there and got comfortable on the grass in our lawn chairs a couple came up to us and asked if we wanted to sit closer. they had 2 spare tickets that were going to be for another couple who decided not to come to the concert. so of course, we took them. little did we know we were going to be dead center, 12 rows from the stage. kyle and I were like little kids in awe of how close we were…never will I forget the couple who took the chance to make a couple of college students feel so special. happy monday, everyone.

miss lisa


[right before we got the awesome tickets]


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