The End.

i can’t believe this summer is nearly over. it feels like yesterday when i was putting a list of adventures together to make my summer feel like a summer while i worked at my internship. it’s definitely sad to see this summer end, but i have never ever been so ready to go back to school and be a kid again. i was the type of student that rushed through school (which is why i am graduating early) trying my hardest to get it over with, but after this summer all i want to do is go back to school and enjoy learning and living slowly through the last days at my university. friday is my last day at my internship and i am celebrating with a vacation to the beach with my family and sweetheart. goodness, how lucky can one get? thankful is probably the best word to describe how i feel right now.

half way done with the week! never thought i’d see the light at the end of the tunnel. thanks to all who have followed my blog and been with me throughout such a stressful two months. i truly and honestly appreciate all of the support!

xoxo, lisa

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