The Fourth

[i will always be my momma’s baby]

since the fourth landed on a wednesday this year the day turned out to be a laid back, relaxing day for me and my parents. we woke up late (in my case 8:00 AM, which is much better than 4:45 AM) and spent the majority of the day listening to music and cooking. mom and i took over the kitchen (dad wasn’t too thrilled about us taking over his domain) and made some mexican comfort food; ceviche, mexican rice and spicy potatoes and beef. out on the grill we cooked up some steaks, chicken breasts, broccoli and corn. how blessed were we?? i am thankful for this day of celebration with the ones i love the most in my life with the most comforting food i was raised with. now, back to the real world. thank goodness we got rid of hump day this week.

[miss lisa]

2 thoughts on “The Fourth

  1. I wish I was sitting in your kitchen. How about we trade a bowl of pho for your fine meal??? My husband misses Mexican food! Weekly, I order him a ground beef burrito from the only decent place here in HCMC. I’ll have a bit of EVERYTHING in your last photo! 🙂

    1. I would love to trade some food! I dream about fresh Pho from Vietnam. Thankfully there are a couple of decent places to eat Vietnamese food around here, but I’m sure once I try the real stuff it won’t compare!

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