Well, would you?

Would you say yes?

if i asked you to come | would you say yes?

today on my commute to work i was thinking about future traveling that i want to do. (i do this a lot!) my mind wanders to places like vietnam, australia and germany, and revisits places that i’ve been to in the past like spain and italy. this time i thought long and hard about a nationwide road trip across the u.s. i have traveled to many states, but i still have at least 35 that i haven’t been to. with this being said i made myself a promise that before i travel outside of the country again i will travel through my homeland first. i know that i won’t have time to go to all 50 states in two weeks, but i am still giddy about driving through mountains, deserts and canyons. i cant wait to frolic through big cities and farm towns, and eat the favorite foods of each state i travel to. here’s to wishful thinking and being so close to the weekend. hope all of you have a great day.

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