What’s Left To Do

I must admit I think I have been doing a pretty good job when it comes to accomplishing my summer to-do list. As you can see here, I had simple plans for the summer to keep myself happy (and sane!) this summer when I’m not working.
Here’s what I’ve done and what I still have left to do….

1. Weekend travels.

So far I have only made a trip to my college town! But I’ve got a surprise weekend planned for my sweetheart when he comes to visit me and I also have a trip to Tampa planned to go see my sister.

2. Go to my first professional baseball game. Scheduled for July 28th! Woo hoo!

3. Go skydiving.

(more here)

4. Run more.

every morning!

5. Enjoy the outdoors. This includes more hiking, more kayaking, more trees, more camping…

 I have enjoyed the lake, my land and I hope to enjoy the mountains in the near future.

6. Learn how to ride a bike. (NEED TO GET ON THIS ASAP)

7. Cook dinner for my parents.

8. Go to more outdoor concerts.

So far I went to a Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan concert and a Dave Matthews Band concert. One more concert is on my calendar before summer is over!

9. Take dance classes.

10. Go to a drive in movie.

Thank goodness I still have 8 more weeks of summer.
Happy Friday, my friends! The weekend celebration starts at 5 o’clock today! 🙂
I will be celebrating with hot wings and a nice cold brew. How are you celebrating??


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