Summer Planning

Do what you what you love.
Hellloo friends. I have a week of summer until I start my 8:30 AM-5:00 PM, Monday- Friday internship and I have to admit it has me a little overwhelmed. To calm my nerves I have thought of the things I want to do on the weekends to take the edge off of my long hours at the office. Look at me sounding all grown up!

1. Weekend travels. As I mentioned here, I was going to be out of the country visiting family before I was offered my internship. To make up for the change of plans I hope to travel to Florida, all around Georgia, Tennessee and then finally road trip it north up along the East Coast.

2. Go to my first professional baseball game.

3. Go skydiving.

4. Run more.

5. Enjoy the outdoors. This includes more hiking, more kayaking, more trees, more camping…

6. Learn how to ride a bike.

7. Cook dinner for my parents.

8. Go to more outdoor concerts.

9. Take dance classes.

10. Go to a drive in movie.

What are you going to be doing with your free time??

18 thoughts on “Summer Planning

    1. No free time??? Well I hope for some fun to come your way; let us all be able to celebrate our existence every once in a while. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the comment!

  1. I am glad you made a decision. Take it from someone that works 8 to 5 enjoy, revel and be a little selfish with your weekends:) I love to get outdoors and become one with nature, especially after being a desk jockey throughout the week. Enjoy your internship and your Summer:) Happy Monday!

  2. It’s never too late to learn and experience new things. Great on you on making a list – an inspiring first step! I learned how to swim in my 30s and took swimming classes right alongside my toddlers. At 41, I’m currently taking hip-hop cardio dance class. I just picked up a tennis racket and started lessons the first time in my life 3 weeks ago. I also do Pilates, swimming, and Vietnamese language classes — all 2x/week. I don’t have much time left but I love working mentally and physically ๐Ÿ™‚ Bring the mosquito spray at the drive-in!

    1. I completely agree! All of those things I hope to get to experience myself; especially Vietnamese language classes and tennis! I hope to one day be good at many things. haha, And I’ll try not to forget. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for posting! I always love hearing from you.

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