Color Running!

Today I braved the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia and ran the Color Run 5k. How much fun does this look? I ran about 3 miles while simultaneously being splattered with colors…it truly is the “Happiest 5k in the Planet”


Here’s their promo video! Get involved near you. You will have a blast!

21 thoughts on “Color Running!

      1. yeah, I do long for such a kinda one, and I promise I’ll try to lead one. Thanks for the concern!
        Hey! I would like to follow you on facebook/ Twitter.

  1. The photos on your blog are stunning, especially the ones of Italy. After reading your post on the Color Run, I’m heading straight to the website to check for a location near me. Thanks for posting!

  2. I love this idea of colour running. I would love something like this where I live in Jamaica:)
    oh btw I just started blogging (or at least still trying to work out the kinks) and you’re the first one I followed 🙂
    Happy Travels!!

    1. Be on the look out because the Color Run organization is growing tremendously! Jamaica might be next on their list for races. I am so excited for you! You will enjoy blogging with WordPress. And I am honored that I am the first you decided to follow. I hope I don’t bore you too much, 😉 Thank you for stopping by!

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