New AHleans

Really long post today, so I’ll try not to say too much. I was at a Marketing conference this weekend with my AMA team in New Orleans and even though this trip was for “business” I don’t think I have ever laughed so much or so hard. We ate the gumbo, beignets, jumbalaya, po-boy’s and other things that we probably shouldn’t have; we got to know the locals, listened to phenomenal music, survived a walk down Bourbon street and we did it all laughing hysterically. Here’s to amazing friends and a whole bunch of marketing nerds from all over the world coming together in the great town of New Orleans or better yet….New Ahleans.

Best wishes,


9 thoughts on “New AHleans

  1. My husband and I visited New Orleans and then set out on a Caribbean cruise almost 9 years ago. The food was awesome, but the flavor of that place shines through in way more than it’s food! From the zydeco music to the street performers, from the art to the architecture, from the hot sauce to the voodoo dolls (lol)… it was a fun place to visit. Thanks again for the memories.

    1. New Orleans is definitely a city like no other! And I agree about the atmosphere; that is what makes it worth the travel. PS, I love your last post on deep fried donuts! We make those and sell them when we want to fund raise. We always sell out! So delicious!

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