Vegetable Craze


[you are what you eat]

I don’t know if I have mentioned this to all of my readers, but I made a serious decision about a year ago to become a healthier person. Every since I have made this life decision I have been experimenting in the kitchen and eating all of the vegetables I can get my hands on. And just as an aside, when I was a child the only vegetable I would eat were french fries, so this is a BIG deal. Tonight I was starving! I went into my kitchen and nothing looked good. Don’t you hate that? So I started out with making a medley of brown rice and black beans. Next thing you know I get this creative jolt to roast some carrots and green beans…and this is what I ended up making; a whole grain burrito filled with brown rice, black beans, spinach, turkey, shredded mozzarella and roasted carrots and green beans.  I topped it off with hot sauce and I was good to go! Who said cooking was hard for a college student?

Hope your week has started off well!


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