What makes your day?

It’s finals week down here and I’m hanging by a thread, so I thought I’d share the simple things that are keeping me going.

(P.S. “Jose” in the picture above is code for Kyle! )

– Banana pancakes
– French bulldogs
– Dark Chocolate/granola/greek yogurt combo
– Doing sweet things for my babe, mainly cooking
– Nutella and pretzels
– My glass coffee/tea cups
– Really cold water
– When my best  friend texts me and says “I’m hungry” and knowing you both are about to eat some awful fast food
– Really hot showers
– Good music on a cloudy day
– Laughing
– When Kyle sent me a text this week that said:

“I got us a ginger bread house kit to make one night. :)”

What are the simple things that make your day?


2 thoughts on “What makes your day?

  1. The Smell of warm french baguette
    A ladybug
    A good laugh
    A funny thought
    Great music
    A great capuccino (all foamy and yummy)
    A little girl with a Tutu lol…

    Sometimes the simplest thing make the best days

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