Just a glimpse through my phone…

I have approximately one more week of school and a week of finals until the end of the semester. So here is what I have been doing besides doing loads and loads of school work…and laundry. Notice, it mainly consists of eating and uhh eating. Thankfully I only have two more semesters of college. :)…until Grad school.

If you notice there is a picture of pizza…on the floor. I promise I’m not doing that for some ‘artsy’ effect; there is just something about eating take out on the floor while watching a good movie that makes me feel relaxed. Oh and also, I purchased a box of Cookie Dough bites, since I haven’t had them since high school, and they were such a let down. They were stale and tasted like plastic…maybe homemade ones are in order. 😉 Stay posted.


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