Day 5, Give me Urban.

[you better believe you’re gonna fly with me]

Here I am at 1:21 tonight reminiscing on today’s adventures and I have to say that today’s day was the perfect way to end our journey in Georgia. Kyle and I woke up today lazy as can be and only built up the motivation to pack up our bags in time for dinner and our concert. We ate at Wild Wing Cafe for dinner and picked up some smoothies for our trek south to the Gwinnett arena to watch Keith Urban live. I feel like I should mention that before college my taste for music leaned towards indie and alternative artists (Still does!) and that country was definitely at the bottom. There is just something great about that Keith Urban guy! His Get Closer album just feels good to listen to and was/is the soundtrack to my summer. Country may not be your cup of tea, but I promise you that Urban is different. His songs can relate to everyone and his talent, dear God, is ridiculous. I can honestly say that jaws dropped and stayed dropped throughout the entire show tonight. For those who doubt country, don’t knock it until you see this man perform. Delaware tomorrow! Goodnight, Georgia.



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