Day 2, “I would, but I’m hiking.”

Day 2 consisted of Kyle and I traveling north towards Blairsville, GA and hiking up Blood Mountain. The views were beautiful and we found ourselves in no hurry, sitting on rocks talking about things like the creation of mountains to the creation of life. It’s funny how natural beauty can evoke such topics of conversation. After our hike, we drove down to Dahlonega, GA and ate/scarfed down lunch at Picnic Cafe and stopped by a vintage music store where Kyle bought a harmonica. We then returned home for a much needed nap (And shower!!) and woke up with family all around my home and the smell of delicious, home-cooked food in the air. This led to our favorite time of the day- talks and dinner with mom&dad. Life is good today.


4 thoughts on “Day 2, “I would, but I’m hiking.”

    1. Thank you so much, Laura. I’m glad you are enjoying our adventure so far, because we are having a blast! P.S. I’m so extremely jealous of your travels! Keep up the good work!

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