To be Enlightened

It has been far too long since I’ve posted anything. I’m currently in summer school and I am…loving it! Weird, huh? I love waking up at 6:00 A.M and I’m always look forward to my 8:00 A.M lecture with Dr. Keeley. The reason for my absence from the world of WordPress and Facebook is the work load given to me from this Irish professor who teaches similar to the teaching style of the Jesuits. Which means a lot of work outside of class to prepare us for the lecture the following day. The 4+ hours of homework, not including my Geology homework, can be somewhat energy draining, but I have come to appreciate it.

I have been diving into writings by Voltaire and Basho and find myself wanting to become as inspirational as these two world-driven figures. These writers and their writings have been the subjects for hour long conversations between Kyle and I. We have been blown away to how we can relate so much to Voltaire’s world views. Although Voltaire’s lifetime is hundreds of years before us, his views about the world are so modern and can easily relate to the opinions and ideals of today. We have become obsessed with his views on organized religion and how detrimental it can be to a society, and have been dreaming of a place like El Dorado found in Candide, or Optimism.

Now I’m not trying to hint that I am now some literary genius, but what I am trying to say is that I’ve found a new excitement about life, a new inspiration, and it is all thanks to my professor. I recommend Dr. Keeley to anyone who actually wants to learn and be inspired. He is a wonderful storyteller and speaker.

Happy hump day everyone,

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