The after effect 

After I take a trip or go abroad I feel like I come back a different person. Aside from the potential jet lag, it’s kind of a whirlwind getting back into the “normalcy” of life. This was definitely the case when returning from Japan. 

There was something about the hustle; the masses of people all traveling to different places…the energy, the lights, the constant activity. I loved being amidst it all and being able to observe the many unique clothing styles and beautiful faces. When I came home I felt like I was living in slow motion and I immediately missed the streets of Japan. I missed the constant inspiration, the food, the noises, and most importantly the people. (Shout out to my pals who adventured with me!) 

Japanese people are nothing like I’ve ever experienced. They are so kind, hard working, hospitable, respectful and just plain delightful. Coming home reminded me of a time I went to Spain in high school. I remember crying silently on the flight back, because I had wanted so badly to never leave Spain. I had a similar feeling when I flew back from Japan. It’s a crazy thing to travel and feel so welcome in a foreign place that for a moment it feels like home; so much like home that you just can’t stand leaving. 

Breaks my heart every time. I’ll be back though…one day. Maybe even for good. 😉 

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Kyoto and Osaka

Our main stay was in Shinjuku, but we ventured out to Kyoto for three days. While in Kyoto we visited three temples, a bamboo forest, tried cherry blossom ice cream, sang karaoke, ate tons of food and traveled to Osaka for an afternoon. Our mini getaway was jam packed as we train/bus hopped our way around. So happy we decided to visit Kyoto to appreciate some history and a slower paced city.

Here are some places that we visited:

Byodo-in Temple, Kyoto / (the 6th photo) You can also find this fella on the back of the 10 yen coin.

Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto / (first and second to last photo) On the way up to this temple there were several food and trinket vendors. Had the pleasure of trying cherry blossom ice cream on our trek up. So delicious!

Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto / (the golden temple) This temple was mesmerizing. The day was perfect and the sun hit the temple beautifully. It was hard to not get a good photo.

Osaka Castle / The second photo is the view once you get to the top. Totally worth the many, MANY, flights of stairs. 😉  And the 8th picture is of us (with my friend Yuri) in front of the castle. Naturally striking princess poses!

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto / The walk to this bamboo forest is reason enough to visit.

Shinsaibashi shopping strip, Osaka / Seriously the longest shopping strip I’ve ever walked down. It offered everything from clothing to food to arcade games. Such a neat experience with tons of people.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow! You did all of that (and more!) in three days?” We sure did! We were always moving, always exploring. There’s just too much in this country to appreciate. Miss it already.

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Stripes and double buckles

I never ever wear belts…but after seeing this double buckle belt on Asos I decided to give them a go. On top of giving belts a chance this season, I’m also kind of obsessed with silver pieces that toughen up a look. I paired the belt with stripes, my favorite jeans (Jaime skinnies from Top Shop) and sleek booties. It’s gotten pretty warm in ATL, so expect shorts and dresses up next. Stay cool out there, folks. 

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Photos, Farrah Brianna 

Street collage

One of my all time favorite things about Tokyo was the incredible amount of street “collage” I saw everywhere. I used to create collages back before college and this trip ignited that interest again. By the end of my trip I began to notice the stickers and markings more and more, seeking out powerful messages and images. If you’re dying for inspiration and ever get the chance to visit Japan, I encourage you to walk around the tight streets of Shinkjuku or Shibuya. You’ll be blown away by the wittiness, the boldness and the creativity. 

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Be the worst

519A3893I’ve come to the realization that to become the greatest, an expert or extremely skilled at something it sometimes takes being the worst to be the best.

You have to be willing to be a complete newb. You have to be willing to fail a hundred times, a thousand times. Whether it’s running, eating healthy, learning a new instrument or starting a new job….if you want to be great, it will take some time and it will take a good bit of failure. And what you do with the failure, the mishaps and the hiccups will determine the outcome of your success.

In my lowest of lows and the times when I’ve felt like I wasn’t good enough (which has happened a couple of times the last couple of weeks)…these two paragraphs replayed in my mind.

These words carry a lot of truth for me and they lead me to one thought: Don’t you dare quit.
Don’t cheat yourself. Whether your journey has only been two weeks or two years, the time you’ve invested in becoming a better version of you should never be wasted or overlooked. The grind of it all will be worth it and before you know it all of the hard stuff you’re currently going through will be a thing of the past. It all just takes time. So do yourself a favor, if you find yourself in the trenches feeling like you just can’t go on; keep going. And if you’re going to fail…fail hard. You can do this.

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So guys! I did a pretty big thing. I hopped on a plane and headed north over the top of the world. The destination? Tokyo! 

I went into this trip without any sort of expectations! I had no itinary or plan. I just went, met up with some awesome friends and got the best snapshot of what life is like in Japan. It was so good, y’all. SO good that I considered missing my flight home. 

These photos were taken in Shinjuku. We stayed here about half of our trip. It was energetic, charming, so clean and unique. I was even surprised to feel like I was in Europe in some areas of the city. 

We stayed in two AirBnb’s while in Shinjuku and we were so happy with our experiences. The two spots were these quaint little apartments. We felt at home, like we were locals or something. 😉

Can’t wait to share more from my visit! 

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Pretty little thing 


The transition between winter to summer has brought so much excitement. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a summer. Warm days, live music, cold drinks, friends and traveling. I. Am. Pumped. 

I love being able to put away all of my old chunky sweaters to fill up my closet with new pieces. Found this delicate top from Forever 21 recently. It’s so effortless, light and flirty. Paired it with my go-to ankle cropped skinnies from Urban Outfitters and my all time favorite clogs.

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Little beach town

While I was in Savannah, we couldn’t not stop by Tybee. I might have stopped by twice! Once was for a mini shoot with some friends and the second time was to grab some fresh seafood. It was gorgeous and sunny despite the chilly temperatures.

One of my friends dabbles in photography and is really stinkin’ good. He shot the photo of me above. Check out his instagram @calvo_photography if you’d like!

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All Black Everything

untitled (112 of 149)untitled (105 of 149)untitled (96 of 149)untitled (101 of 149)And when all else fails….wear all black. Winter is coming to an end and I’m getting in all the sweater wearing out of my system. I paired this uber soft chunky turtle neck sweater (American Threads) with my signature Madewell skinnies, a heeled sandal (Nine West) and a faux suede shoulder bag.

This outfit transitions so well. From work to drinks with friends, it’s appropriate for all settings. Try a softer lip color for day occasions or a bold lip for evening.

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photos, farrah brianna

Savannah Stay

One reason why I love Airbnb is because it allows me to find a home to travel to. When I travel, I can stay somewhere that makes me feel a part of something rather than just a visitor. Airbnb allows me to create a unique experience.

Savannah is one of my favorite towns and back in my college days we were lucky enough to only be 45 minutes away. I got to visit recently for work and I ended up making it into a weekend getaway. I stayed in a historic home with lots of great lighting, creaky floors, heavy doors and incredible decor inspired by history and travel. That pin map took up an entire wall in the dining room. It was incredible.

I really hope that when you travel, you can experience a new place feeling like a local instead of a tourist. Whether that’s staying in a local home or visiting low key restaurants and shops, it’ll completely change the way you get to know a new place.

So, where are we going to next? I’ll give you a hint……it’s the country music capital of the world.

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